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(#32 in spiritual🔥 on 31-01-2018) EDITING. My name is Hayrah Adil. I'm 24 years old and blessed with an adorable baby girl Maya. I've been married to my husband, Abdul-jabbar Marwan for the past four years now and I've never been happier. He treats me like a queen. He made me to forget the bad and tough times I experienced before. He's my knight in shining armor. He's the love of my life. Jabbar really did a lot for me. I came from a poor family. I'm an orphan. My fathered died when I was 15. He left me with only my mom and small brother zayd. Jabbar lost his father too, five years ago. I met Jabbar at the company he worked when I was doing my NYSC program. He kept Chasing me around. Buying food stuff for us. That time I hated him. Overnight Allah changed my feelings towards Jabbar. I love Jabbar so much, not because of his money but for the sake of Allah. His mom and his two junior sisters hate my sight. They hate me with all their hearts. They think I'm here because of his money. I always try my best to impress his mom but she never seem to care. "A poor and filthy brat like you shouldn't be anywhere close to my son" that's what his mom says all the time. She hates me with all her life. That's why she's planning on ruining my marriage with Jabbar. And Insha Allah it will never happen.


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