Luck was on his sid...
By Jamilams_BecauseIcan
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(Soulmate Au) (Futuristic Modern Day Au) When someone turns 18, the name of their soulmate appears somewhere on their body. Samuel Seabury expected to get some average name, maybe someone he knew, maybe someone he didn't. He almost expected there to be no name. But, to his surprise, and almost everyone in his family's surprise, he got the name of the famous CEO George William Fredrick. George Fredrick had always ignored his soulmate's name, mostly because if he searched for them every other gold-digger would say it was their name. He didn't really mind, he was a loner anyways. The boy could care less who it was, that was until a scrawny looking boy appeared on his doorstep and showed him a mark on his forearm. It was his handwriting for sure, but barley anyone knew what that looked like. It seemed the boy was kicked out for having a boy's name on his arm, so he let the kid in. Cover by me :)

His name

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Luck was...
by Jamilams_BecauseIcan