Dear Agony
By Author_Imminence
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Asher is a 17 year old boy who has lost his way in this dark place known as earth. Scars and bruises litter his body, which reflect the home life he lives in; an abusive, drunkard father and a mother who is a heroin addict. He's known nothing but despair and agony all his life. When his pain becomes unbearable, he finds himself falling to the point of no return. Will anyone catch him before he falls? For 17 year old Sadie, her life started out rough. Born from a 15 year old teen mom, she was given up for adoption and placed in foster care. Despite the abuse she had been subject to, she was grateful that her biological mom had chosen life. She was finally adopted out to a loving family at 10. Now, at 17, she's a bright, joyful girl. But after one long day of school, she decides to take the long, rural walk home. But when sobs of agony echo in the air, she can't help but turn her bright eyes to the source.


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Dear Agony
by Author_Imminence