The Dragons Mating...
By Nalushie
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Natsu and Lucy have grown and matured over the years. Lucy had left to become stronger, and Natsu has aged quite well. Nonetheless their love for each other and friendship has remained strong as ever. Well maybe even a bit stronger than they'd like to admit. However a specific time of year has rolled around. Natsu is going into his mating season without his knowledge. He's feeling things he's never really felt, and is confused by them. Lucy is concerned by his occasional weird behavior but nonetheless blissfully oblivious. How will the pair deal with the ever growing tension from their feelings? How long will Natsu be able to control his urges? How will this entire situation fold out? Well that isn't for me to tell here and for you to find out! Started July 17, 2019

Clingy? (Draft)

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The Drago...
by Nalushie