spiderman one shots...
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Chapter one summary ☝️ What if Peter was so exhausted after fighting the vulture that he didn't make it all the way home. So Tony finds him injured. Chapter two summary ✌️ Tony gets captured...Peter finds him and lets just say he's not happy.😑 Family feelings revealed❤️ Chapter three summary 🖖 Peter gets hurt as spiderman but changes back to his normal clothes. Natasha then finds him on the streets and takes him to the Avengers building. Peter doesn't like this because he is afraid they will find out about he fact he is spiderman.😱 Never again summary 4️⃣ (taken over) Peter has a nightmare about Toomes collapsing the building on top of him, Tony finds out. So to prepare him just in case Peter is in that situation again Tony and Peter spar; in the process however one of Peter's punches sends Tony into a flashback to the fight with Steve and Bucky during Civil War. Tony then proceeds to have a panic attack and Peter tries to help. P.S. CAP might have a cameo My cute spiderling summary Tony listens to his songs on like Spotify when a playlist comes on called let's face it I'm cute he wonders why it came up but listens to it while listening to the song it reminds him of peter and so tony thinks it'll be funny that every time peter enters or goes somewhere in the tower that songs start playing or when peter does something cute

You don't have to be alone...I should know.

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by fairytaleabigail