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• FIRST PLACE - Harry Potter Wizarding Awards • Added to the official reading list -the golden snitch- on @WattRowling • Winner - Eyho Awards 2019 "When all this is over, we'll be a proper family, you'll see." Sirius Black had given a Marauder's promise to Harry Potter, his one and only godson, and he was desperate to stand by his word... but there was fate playing against him. All it took was one stunning curse and a veil of death, to not only have this promise broken, but also have hearts shattered into shreds. Even before death took him as its own, Sirius was left to suffer everyday more than the one before. He had lost himself a long time ago and carried on from monotonous days and nights with zero will to pull himself back to the land of the living. [Speechless pain and haunting memories possess the ability to take down even the most powerful of all, those who were desperate to keep themselves standing upright.] What could have happened in an alternative universe (AU) -different ending scenario to- the Order of the Phoenix, and what would follow after turning points of events are what brought this story into existence. Will death be cruel enough to seperate godfather from his godson, without giving them the chance to live as a true family, at least for once as promised? Is the threat of death something to be endured only once? Cover credit: @Whatafuck_Graphics

I promise, you'll love it

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