A Never Ending Dream
By RA021203
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|SEQUEL TO JUST THE BEGINNING| If you haven't read the first book, don't read this one yet. This book has spoilers and it will definitely leave you more confused than you already are. ••• Meet Rosalyn Parker, your ordinary high school teenager. She was living life with no regrets, until she stumbled in a strange office during a party, and found out things she never thought were possible. Now, she's keeping secrets from almost everyone she knows- to protect them, she thinks. It's too much to bear, and she's breaking, but no one needs to know that, of course. She lets herself drown in more problems until she can't resurface anymore. That's when her best friends join in. They're here to help her, they say. They're here to bring their Rosalyn back. But the problem is, they're too late. And she's gone.

Chapter One- Drama Free Yet Wild

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A Never E...
by RA021203