Secret Fan ( Jimin...
By KSLin01
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This story is about a girl from Myanmar who loves BTS so much. She is an ARMY. Her dream is to be an idol like BTS and she made it. But she didn't reveal that she is an ARMY even tho she already becomes a celebrity . But one day they notice it. Who? BTS and ARMY... What will happen to her? Will she reveal it herself? If BTS and ARMY know, will they welcome her warmly? Will she close with Bangtans? Will she get a chance to be closed with her bias in BTS, Jimin? What will happen in her future? #The author is from Myanmar. So firstly I want to say sorry for my Grammar mistake since English is not my First language. And this story is about Myanmar ARMY. And for the... mature scene.... well may be it will contain or not. haha Enjoy!!! #3 in Idollife - 8/7/2018 #525 in Idol - 7/7/2018


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Secret Fa...
by KSLin01