Into The Fray
By HeyMrJones211
  • Horror
  • accident
  • ashley
  • belt
  • car
  • cheating
  • club
  • confused
  • crazy
  • creepy
  • death
  • finale
  • fray
  • gun
  • insanity
  • justice
  • killer
  • knife
  • kyle
  • love
  • murderer
  • past
  • pills
  • poe
  • police
  • romantic
  • scary
  • short
  • stephanie
  • story
  • unfaithful
  • victim


The accident was fatal. She died. But he never stopped blaming himself. He had been angry, they had been fighting, he had been driving, and it was him that hadn't seen the enormous semi-truck that hit them on her side. They think he's gone mad, hell he has gone mad, he's become cold, a calculating killer, inwardly fighting with himself and his loss of sanity. She's all he thinks about. Her face is the face he sees on all of his victims, and her voice is the voice he hears when they beg for mercy. At first the killing was to stop the guilt, but the guilty feelings haven't ceased and now he's killing because it gives him pleasure. Kyle Reed can't stop. He can't win the battle with his mind, and he just might not want to anymore as long as it bring him closer to his dead girlfriend Stephanie.

Part -1

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Into The...
by HeyMrJones211