Amber Who?
By YumnaMahmood
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • amber
  • bad
  • brother
  • crime
  • fiancee
  • hate
  • hauntedpast
  • highschool
  • hot
  • hurt
  • jealousy
  • killed
  • kiss
  • love
  • murder
  • mysterious
  • pain
  • psychological
  • romance
  • suspense


After spending excruciating years with her alcoholic and abusive mother, Julia is taken in by her only family - her stepbrother Garrett and his fiancee, Ashley. Julia's apprehensive personality always keeps others away from her. She is scared of trusting others. With her tainted past, Julia just wants to live a quiet life, but a new girl in town, Amber has other plans. Amber insists on being Julia's friend - she wants to be her friend. But who is Amber? Why is she ascertain of being a part of Julia's life? Not only Amber but the hottest guy of Julia's school, Lucas, suddenly starts to take interest in her. But Julia's skepticism comes in way of both. Her cynical natures try to push them away - but will they leave Julia or will they pursue her to let them in her life? Are they really interested in being friends with her or is it just a sinister game? On the other hand, someone starts to leave the letters of admiration for Garrett. The letters that he thought of somebody's mindless prank soon turns into a deadly game. Who is this stalker of his that put an atrocious impact on his and Ashley's life? What do they want? Is it as Julia predicted - Amber? If so, why is she doing this? Who is Amber and what does she really want? An unhinged, unsettling and murderous tale of terror.


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Amber Who?
by YumnaMahmood