The Mine
By LiAWake
  • Short Story
  • action
  • adventure
  • betrayal
  • danger
  • drama
  • emotion
  • enemies
  • exploration
  • family
  • fictional
  • friendship
  • heroine
  • island
  • lies
  • mysterious
  • rivalry
  • secrets
  • strangers
  • trust
  • violence


Rebecca seemed to be your typical run of the mill girl, living on an island with her step-father except she had a wicked sense of adventure and curiosity. The most captivating story that had her curiosity though was the hidden island treasure that had taken the lives of her biological parents, and she wouldn't stop until she found them. However Rebecca wasn't the only one in search of the treasure as a rag tag team of Treasure hunters led by their egotistical leader Miles also had the treasure on their radar and would soon cross paths with the young girl. Can the two parties get along, or will they tear each other apart as gold fever sets in?

Chapter 1: The Brothers

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The Mine
by LiAWake