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A new case thrusts private investigator, Olivia Lively, into the cut-throat world of academia. Not only does she have to vindicate her client but also give her love life a much-needed makeover. ***** Olivia Lively is at the top of her game. Despite what her parents say, she owns a successful private investigating company. And while her love life can do with a significant overhaul--her latest tryst being with a married con man--Olivia or Liv as her friends like to call her is getting along. She is feisty, independent and on the go! So, when Cooper Tedeschi, a graduate writing student, begs Liv to prove that his professor, one of the most famous novelists in the country, has stolen Cooper's manuscript, Liv unexpectedly finds herself embroiled in the cut-throat world of academia. Just to her luck, her mother also thinks it's the perfect time to hook her up with Jasper Temple, a hunky doctor with a craving for commitment. As the plagiarism case gets more and more complicated, the hunky doctor suitor her mother has picked out for her surprises her in more ways than one. Unfortunately, Liv's conniving ex-lover isn't entirely out of the picture just yet. She soon learns that, when it comes to love, life and plagiarism, the line is pretty damn blurred. Selected by the movie "UNFRIENDED" for their Best Of Thriller reading list. Featured by Wattpad 2018. [word count: 80,000-90,000 words] **Cover designed by Ashley Santoro.**


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by ShelleyBurbank