Scorned (Book 1, th...
By _CherryQueen_
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Valentina Stone's life as a noble ends brutally at the hands of the royal family. Chasing rumours of dragons and magic, she will have her revenge... ***** (The entirety of Scorned is FREE to read and you will encounter no paywalls.) Valentina Stone is the daughter of a duchess, forced to don a mask of obedience in a society that treats women like pawns. But when the royal family hatch a plot to stop a mysterious prophecy, Valentina's life is thrown into chaos. With strength, resilience and a little bit of sass, Valentina embarks on an epic journey that reveals the world beyond the palace walls. To get her revenge, she'll need talons, fire and determination. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. [[Wattys 2018 Shortlist]] [[Wattpad Featured Story 02/02/18]]

Why I'm Removing Scorned and Accused

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Scorned (...
by _CherryQueen_