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Onyx Blakely is crazy. She claims to see ghosts. She claims that she has demons visit her in the middle of the night. She even claims that she can see flashes of people dying. Nyx Blakely has been deemed crazy, and because of it, her father has left her family. In an attempt to start over and fix their disjointed family, they moved in with her mom's parents. Only for Nyx to wake up, surrounded by her families dead bodies. After a brief stay in a psych ward, Nyx is being sent to a foster home, though she doesn't understand why anyone would want her. She expects for it to be awful or for her to be sent back, but instead she's greeted by a strange group of boys and mostly absent guardians. The closer she get's to the boys, the more sane she feels. But then another "incident" occurs, and suddenly Nyx is thrown into a world of werewolves, vampires, witches, and even demons, realizing that she's more powerful that she could have ever begun to believe. She's not crazy, and neither are her boys. They're just gods among mortals.


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by realllyreilly