The Cute Tattooed G...
By shazzyjacks123
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❝He minded his own business until she bruised his ego.❞ _____________________ "He's hot," she pointed out, and I rolled my eyes at her antics. Well, he was hot. Not going to deny that. He seemed to have heard her, but he payed no heed. He just showed a small smirk and went back to sipping his coffee like nothing had ever happened at all. He began talking to his friends, and I found myself rolling my eyes and I almost face palmed, but then an idea struck into my head. Men love their egos, right? Well, they call me troublemaker for a reason. "He's cute, Darcy. What are you talking about?" A rumble of laughter erupted from their table, and Darcy looked at me, biting her lips to suppress her laughter, understanding what I was trying to do. She shook her head out of amusement and we continued eating our fries, oblivious to our surroundings, until I felt a tattooed hand steal one of my fries. "You'll regret that Platinum." he says, and I narrow my eyes at him, noticing that he was already sitting on the chair, his legs stretched to my table, and he continued eating my food. It was my food. He messed with my food. Who does that? "It's Silver. Game on, boy." ------------ Silver Blackwood is the troublemaker of the entire school. She knows things in and out, and despite her grades, she's incredibly smart, and has her own ways of facing problems. She's loves annoying people, is straightforward and blunt, but has a big heart. Beck Thorn is the reserved, quiet guy who doesn't warm up quickly. He doesn't talk much, can come off as rude but keeps to himself unless he wants to do something, and loves tattoos. He has trust issues and he's up for any challenge, and thinks of himself as a man. That is until his ego is bruised. The Chipper Troublemaker and the Reserved Tattooed guy. How fun. ||COVER BY @Ms_Book_Worm||

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The Cute...
by shazzyjacks123