His Love
By Amaira-jannat
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Anisa is a brave and confident girl...and according to her cousins "she is full of life"but things are not like they seems..she faces alots of problems and harships in her life..but she never loses hope..she loves her mother (alia) very much..as much as she love her she dislike(dispise) her father to equal extent...and "the person" she hate most in her life is "Asfandyar"who snatches every happiness from her...From the love of father to the love of all family members.. for them she always came after asfand..and this thing annoys her the most..she always wanted only one chance to defame asfand.. Asfand also don't like her..In childhood he snatches her toys just to annoy her..but after becoming mature he realised his importance..he became arrogant towards her...he never give importance to her..he only give importance to his mother (Badi ami) and himself..he treated her like "No One" BUT what happened when he suddenly fall in love with her...he tried each and everything so that she accept him but she is not ready to give up... So who won this battle...because the realtionships are at risk... Join anisa journey from hate to love


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His Love
by Amaira-jannat