Who Killed Markipli...
By FlamingFriendship
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"Tonight was about friends. Tonight was about fun. Finishing your drink, you laughed and followed the others to the poker table. Yes, tonight was definitely going to be fun." After receiving an invite to Poker Night, you head to Markiplier Manor for a night of fun and reuniting with old friends as well as making new ones. However, things take an unexpected twist once morning comes. You, along with all your friends, are thrust into a race against the clock to solve this murder mystery before the killer strikes again. Nobody is safe, and nobody can be trusted. [This story will start by following the Who Killed Markiplier? storyline, but will eventually stray until most of it is different and new. I am writing this because I have fallen in love with literally every character and I need a fanfic but there aren't any lengthy ones out yet, so here I am. Updates might be frequent, or they might be painfully slow, it all depends on my work schedules and my motivation. Feel free to point out any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. Thank you all for reading my story and I hope you enjoy!]

Chapter 1

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Who Kille...
by FlamingFriendship