The War Begins
By laplan21
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Dark Elves have secretly invaded the southern kingdoms for the past ten years and the Elves are determined to stop their advance when they finally declare war. Caine, a powerful magician, arrives to the war council uncertain of the enemy he faces, unaware that Dark Elves have returned. As third in command, he has a lot on his plate and he's not helped by the absentee First Magician or cryptic Second Magician. With the return of the Nenya, a herald of the Elven Goddess, the stakes increase as the battle becomes about more than just victory over the Dark Elves. Breena, a spy embedded in the dark elf camps for the past seven years is close to rescue, but there's just one more secret she wants to seek out. Certain of her ability to reach her rescuers, she delays her escape by one day, which leads to her being held in chains tighter than ever. When she's faced with the Dark elf King and his half brother, will she be able to survive? Ixil has been rejected by every family he's ever known except for his Goddess and his King. Protecting them and their people has been his calling in life since he took his oath as a Guard, but he might just be in over his head when he's assigned to keep watch on the Nenya - the Goddesses cat-like creatures. Tall as a human with three plate armored tails and saber teeth as long as his forearm, the cat's waste no time making him earn his keep. When war is declared, no one's secrets are safe. ..... Hey guys! I will warn you, the chapters are very long, about ~2,500 words each. This story is unedited (and I have a pesky habit of just sprinkling liberally with commas and calling it good). So please, any constructive feedback and editing is welcome! I love hearing from you guys. And as always, comment, vote and share! I try to update Friday nights ~L

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The War B...
by laplan21