Adopted By Dear Eva...
By cinnamonroll_13
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I don't own DEH. I don't own any of the songs or characters or actors or actresses. If you want to use my story for inspiration, that's cool. Rock on. However, please don't copy my story line or my OC (original character). I'd also appreciate if you didn't steal my story line word for word. Thanks. Zachary Taylor has been growing up with his abusive parents ever since he could talk. He's gotten through years of bullying at school as well. But when Ben Platt and the rest of the cast of Dear Evan Hansen find this boy, they decide that they need to help him. CAUTION - editing in process, major character changes (from female to male). Please feel free to point out any pronoun errors to help me get through this editing process faster.

1 - Longing

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Adopted B...
by cinnamonroll_13