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[The Story behind Author Games:Haven] In the distant future, all ice caps on Earth have melted, causing the water levels to rise to such an extent that all land on Earth is now gone. Completely engulfed by water. That is, except for Haven. Haven is the only known surviving island to date. While what remains of Earth's population lives on the humongous submarine called The Leviathan, the elites get to live up on Haven. Every two years, a competition is to be held. It is open to everyone, anyone can enter as much as they desire. 40 contestants are chosen at random. You only get chosen once. If you fail the Haven Trials, you may never enter again. If you win, however, you get the chance to live up on Haven and experience what life was once like above water. 40 will be chosen, only 5 will get this honor. Roland has always dreamed of going up to Haven. Having been found alone when he was a baby, he always held onto the hope that his parents didn't abandon him. He held onto the idea that maybe, just maybe, they were winners. After all, you can't bring anyone with you if you win. However Roland soon starts to wonder, are the games really all they seem to be?

40 competitors

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