Diary of a Disguise...
By DeepshikhaJena
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The journey of a person who is always surrounded by people yet a LONER.... And that's me, Deepshikha! I am creating a personal account of my life and my surroundings and people, in general. Random thoughts, bitter truths, relatable scenarios, you can find it all here! Until a few days back, I was thinking of keeping this work personal. But now I have decided to share it with the world and everyone is welcome to put forward their opinion without any fear or bias or judgement. It's an open platform and anyone wishing to make a statement, be it positive or negative, can do so. This will help me gain a better perspective and insight to life! I will always be alone. And I have accepted that fact and I'm trying to live with it. My loneliness is disguised as my easy, outgoing, chirpy social butterfly side. Yes, I live my life in disguise. And I'm fine living underneath a charade. Underneath a facade. Because I am a DISGUISED LONER.... But a great LISTENER!


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Diary of...
by DeepshikhaJena