Taming My KitKat (P...
By HS1799
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"This is my 1st warning to you shorty~ Try not to get past the third *smirk* " - Pha "Senior or Junior i'll never respect a jerk like you" - Kit What will happen when THE School heart throb Phana Kongthanin clashed with the sassy grumpy School nerd Kit? Will they recognize each other in college? ( With Kit's full makeover ?) Will Phana be able to handle the new gorgeous bratty freshman (copter)? Will Ming notice Yo's feelings for him? Will Forth be able to resist Beam ? here's the plot, Pha is in his final year of high school with his forever bickering little brother Yo who's sixteen. Mingkwan is their cousin (who isn't exactly blood related) same year as Pha and Forth. Trouble maker Beam is grumpy Kit's best friend and both are in same class as Yo. *warning* Some mature scenes may appear on later chapters. Read to find about more!!!

Part 1

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Taming My...
by HS1799