I need You || [Namj...
By chickenyourass
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"I told you to get out! Are you deaf?" She yelled while checking your purse. "Why are there no money inside?!" She threw the purse to the ground and hit your arm. "I already told you that I got no money left !" You shouted back, too angry this time. 'Oh my.. I'll definitely gonna get kill now.' You thought . Her eyes widen, she nodded a few times before she shouted, "Now you dare to shout at me , huh?! " She slapped your face . You touched you cheek and tried not to cry, but she get annoyed and slapped you again . "WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE WRONG TO YOU?! I ALWAYS GIVE YOU ALL MY MONEY!! YOU HIT ME EVERYDAY AND YOU NEVER CARE ABOUT ME!! " You shouted, a tears fell down from your eyes, you can't contained the anger anymore. "BECAUSE OF YOU , MY BROTHER AND MY SISTER IN LAW DIED! YOU SAID YOU NEVER DONE ANYTHING WRONG HUH?! IF YOU DIDN'T FORCE THEM TO TAKE YOU TO OUT ON YOUR BIRTHDAY , THEY WOULDN'T HAD A CAR ACCIDENT! IF ONLY IT WAS YOU WHO DIED , THEY WOULD LIVE HAPPILY NOW WITH THEIR CHILDREN!! WELL THAT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY GIFT ANYWAY ! " She blamed you and laughed at the last part. You didn't let out any sound but you couldn't hold the tears anymore . "GET OUT FROM HERE!" She pointed the front door, her chest was heaving up and down in anger. You quickly put on your shoes and ran out from the door, slamming it before you gone. You walked to the park nearby while crying . "Why did I force them .. I shouldn't ask them to buy me gifts that day .. " You wiped the tears off your face, reminiscing the day when you force your parent to buy you gift for your 10th birthday but they ended up at a car crash. Suddenly, you felt a hand at your shoulder . You turned around and saw a guy beside you. "Why are you here?" You said , wiping your tear. _____________ An exciting story about a long lost couple, is waiting for you to explore. Click the read button to know more~❤️ [This story is in progress of editing.]

Familiar Face

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I need Yo...
by chickenyourass