When I met you
By Septic_Girl_101
  • Romance
  • foreverandalways
  • harshlove
  • heartbreak
  • loss
  • loveisintheair
  • selfharming
  • smutwarning
  • suicide


He looks at me with a smirk on his lips as I slowly pull my pants down. " Are you sure you want this?" He gently asked me. I smile and nod my head no. He laughs," well, that is to bad cuz we made it this far!" He then grabs my legs and pulls me closer to him as we sit under the tree. "Oh cmon Tyler! What if I don't want to?" He looks at me and sighs," You shouldn't have talked so much then!" He gave an evil grin before trying to take my panties off. I grab them and try to pull them up, but I surprisingly fail at my attempt. He throws my panties in the tree and positions himself. "You ready baby?"

Who Is He? - 1

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When I me...
by Septic_Girl_101