Magi: The Revenge o...
By BeautifulSilence93
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The Kou Empire, a large military nation, considered one of the most powerful in the current era because of the number of dungeon capturers and armies they control. Their countless victories only made their confidence grow...that is until they suffered a great loss against the a country, ruled by an idiotic king, Sindria. They were lucky enough to be shown mercy by the king of Sindria, but that seemed not the loss less frustrating for the 4 princes of the Kou Empire. Kougyoku was grateful for the King's generosity as were others. The 4 princes of the Kou Empire were up to something, but no one could figure out what... A few weeks after the war, Kouen planned to go to war with Sindria once more. They were determine to get what they wanted no matter the cost. Once Kougyoku had heard of this, she immediately tried to stop Kouen, but failed as Kouen and her got into an argument. Out of anger and aggravation Kouen said some hurtful words to Kougyoku. Words so hurtful, it made Kougyoku withdraw from the argument. A few more weeks after the argument to place, Sinbad, took a visit to the Kou Empire to try and create a peace treaty. During Sinbad's visit there, Kougyoku mange to gather enough courage to confess her feeling to him. Sadly, Kougyoku's confession was rejected in the most hurtful way anyone could ever imagine. His words left Kougyoku shocked and heartbroken as he walked away. As days passed, Kougyoku's sadness turned into anger as all she could think of is her revenge on the two countries she once thought of as home. As she rebels against her country, with Hakuei and Aoki by her side, she soon builds a country of her own. With only one goal in mind to destroy the Kou Empire. For this is the tale of the Revenge of Kou's Empire's Imperial Princess... ❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁❀❁ Disclaimer: I do not own magi nor its characters.


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Magi: The...
by BeautifulSilence93