Undercover Spy : Th...
By xXMsTigeressXx
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Meet Ashley, your average teenage girl. Then there are people like Chase, the hot bad boy and Alec, her best friend. They both have girl problems. An advice column for guys? Sounds like fun! Or so she thought. ... Her life was going all well until a particular event occurred causing a chain of the upmost peculiar events. First came the most difficult challenge she has ever encountered- being asked to spy on her crush's crush. That meant sneaking out during class to find classified information on someone she doesn't even know. What does the future hold for Ashley? Even a fortune-teller can't say. ... "You got some guts, don't you?" I hear someone say. It was some guy. He was dressed in all black. I classify him as the 'bad boy' type. I admit it though, he is pretty good looking. That sturdy frame of his and a jawline so sharp, I can grate all my cheese with it. Plus, he has some fine legs. Those are some real fine legs. He continues to stare at me, waiting for an answer. Suddenly, he takes a step forward. ALERT, ALERT! HERE COMES TROUBLE! Quick, think of a snappy comeback. ... A story based upon Ashley's life and perspective. In the form of a sixteen-year-old's diary, be prepared for cringe-worthy moments and witness romance bloom. The recipe to this original story created by a mediocre author. For yours to read and cherish.

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by xXMsTigeressXx