The Magnate (Del Fr...
By SiMarcoJoseAko
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It's a fight between Kara and Matias Del Franco, the snobbish businessman who's building a property on her family's land. With neither of them willing to back down, who will eventually get what they are fighting for? Or will this complicated scenario lead them to something they have never asked for? *** Matias Del Franco dreams of having his own business empire to prove his worth to his strict politician of a father. But just as his first building was built, his plans barely even starting, a raging woman called Kara demands for him to return her family's land to her. But neither of them is willing to back down. At such a crucial time, he cannot afford to fail, and he has no choice but to strike an unlikely deal with her. With Kara by his side, he finds his world turning more complicated--and it seems like he's getting more than what he has bargained for. Disclaimer: This story is written in Taglish.

The Magnate

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The Magna...
by SiMarcoJoseAko