Inheritance Ceremon...
By HaliRina
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After Tsuna and the others back from the future, he didn't expect that he will meet a certain red hair boy with compass eyes and that boy is from mafia just like Tsuna. That boy same with Tsuna- being bullied, clumsy, weak and a loser. That boy hold a grudge against Vongola and want to take revenge for his ancestor who being betrayed by Vongola Primo but he and his guardians just being manipulated by someone. Will they become friend or enemy after they know the truth about the 'SIN' that being passed after generation to generation of Vongola? The fight of two famiglia will decide their life and also the truth of the betrayal of two Primo in the past. Note: I just use the picture that i got from manga online. I don't know how to describe the fight so... i give you the picture just like you read a manga. This story is the continue of the KHR anime and those who want to know what happened after the future battle with Byakuran, you can read this book. Enjoy ~😘😘😘 Disclaimer: I don't own KHR but Amano Akira and also those pictures are not mine...


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by HaliRina