Swirls of Sand
By autumn_sunfire
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"Everyone has an important story to tell. Some stories are about reclaiming a kingdom, or winning a great battle, or saving a life. This is the story of how I did a very foolish thing." Fourteen-year-old Amli, daughter of a middle-class merchant, has only one burning desire: to be grown-up. She has loving parents, a mostly tolerable older brother, and a beloved childhood friend. But when the houseboy dies and an Ordenian foreigner replaces him, Amli finds her life take a rocky turn. What mortifying thing will Celvid say next? And in front of whom? And her brother Rojud's increasing absences just may be a problem. Suddenly Amli finds herself holding more secrets than anyone can comfortably keep. A downward spiral of distrust and frustration leads Amli into the most fateful decision of her life... only she may not realize until it is too late. A story of growing up and overcoming cultural differences, with a side of political intrigue. *** Look at this fabulous cover by @mahana258. *drools over cover instead of writing* Really, if you want a graphic, you should check her out. *** Ranked #34 in Fantasy Nov. 1st 2017. I mean, hOw DiD tHiS hApPeN


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Swirls of...
by autumn_sunfire