Arrow 2070: The Fut...
By darkwingj
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After a violent shipwreck, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island in the Pacific. He returned home to Star City to save his city from crime lords and monsters for seven years he did and along the way he was joined by Felicity Smoak who he eventually married. But one fateful day it all changed. Following the events of Heroes Vs Aliens Vs Predator Oliver and Felicity had saved mankind by defeating the Xenomorphs on an cargo ship in outer space but after they escaped an EMP explosion in their escape pod knocked their escape pod off course and crashed into an mountain causing an avalanche burying them in snow and freezing them. 53 years later New Year's Day 2070 An scientist finds the pod Oliver and Felicity were in and they are taken to Neo Star City Oliver's former home by an company called UltraTech. Upon being unfrozen Oliver and Felicity are shocked to learn its now the year 2070 and their home is not the same as it once was and all their allies are dead but they aren't alone. Oliver and Felicity must now adjust to life in the late 21st century where the rules have changed from new threats as Oliver Queen is now an folk legend of Neo Star City AKA The Original Green Arrow At the same time an sinister plot is put in motion by the chairman of UltraTech who has an deadly agenda and an connection to Oliver's past while at the same time an police captain makes an shocking discovery of the identity of the Green Arrow. Times may have changed but for Oliver Queen along with Felicity Smoak AKA Overwatch the mission remains the same the fight to protect Neo Star City from monsters and bad guys with some new allies. Oliver must now become someone else. in the future he must become something else. The Future Is Now I dont own Arrow or its characters belonging to Warner Bros./DC Comics/The CW


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Arrow 207...
by darkwingj