Her Bad Boy (Comple...
By shydiamonds
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"And in that moment of pure darkness , I saw your soul shining brighter than it ever has. I love the weirdness in you and the gentle way you make me go insane . There is something about you that keeps me wanting more " ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Audrey Desmond is a ray of sunshine simple as it is. She looks for the best in everyone no actually scratch that her naivety doesn't let her see the worst in anyone even if it is Damien Clarke , always wearing a frown and brooding . Soon Damien finds himself in the spell of Audrey Desmond. However both have their own demons to cope up with maybe they'll make it a little easier by being there for each other...... No hate comments will be tolerated . No comments on grammar No comments on typos Everything will be edited Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1: B's head happened

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Her Bad B...
by shydiamonds