A Beneficial Friend...
By montgomerydelacruz16
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I watched him from across the room. He had a soft smile toying at the ends of his lips while he looked down at her and played with her hair. She made him happy in a way I never could. His usually hard features were soft and caring; he looked beautiful and peaceful. I felt slightly empty ever since he told me that our little deal was off. I didn't even remember a time anymore that he wasn't my go to guy. Whether for a hook up or just someone to talk to. I had to let him go though. I was just his old friend Evie now, nothing more. We locked eyes from across the room and after a moment he mouthed the words that I knew were coming. "Are we good?" I sent a nod and a soft smile his way, earning the same in return. I turned and walked off, feeling something shift in me. Montgomery De La Cruz had left a mark on my heart.

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A Benefic...
by montgomerydelacruz16