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By cookiethife
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(W- Wally West. D- Dick Grayson. R- Roy Harper.) D: Want to know how I remember how to spell 'Assume'? W: Okay..... D: Don't assume or you'll make an ass out of u and me ---- W: I am entirely convinced your last words will either be 'whoops' or 'shit' D: Well it hasn't happened yet ---- D: Why do people keep trying to put a blanket on me? W: Because you're in shock D: That doesn't mean I need a fucking blanket! ---- W: So, you started drunk-talking to me in French last night W: Little weird W: Lotta sexy ---- D: Jason keeps looking at Tim when he's not looking, and Tim keeps looking at Jason when he's not looking, and I can't tell if they're planning to confess to or kill the other ---- W: Have any other ways to remember words? D: Yeah D: Learn to spell them ---- R: Why are your tongues purple? D: Cause I had a blue slushie W: And I had a red one ---- W: What would you do if you accidentally summoned a demon? D: Tweet about it ~ Dick and Wally have a habit of texting each other with any spare thought that comes to mind. Not that it bothers either of them, because it makes for some pretty interesting conversations. ~ Highest rankings: #1 in Birdflash 28/5/2018 #1 in BarbaraGordon 5/6/2018 #1 in DickGrayson 25/9/2018 #1 in YoungJustice 30/11/2018 #2 in RoyHarper 14/10/2018 #3 in KidFlash 31/1/2019 #4 in RedArrow 7/10/2018 #11 in Batman 28/10/2018

|Text Me Back|

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Text Me B...
by cookiethife