Hidden Love
By SweetieSunshine_04
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Love that binds two people together is altogether a different feeling. Bt what if you fall for the person you never thought of.... This is a story of two such persons who never thought they can fall for each other because for them they were in love with two different people who even didn't knew abt this.... This is a journey of two best friends who thought they are never gonna fall in love with each other but destiny have different plans... Well guys if you're thinking this story is on Pranushka than let me tell you that its mine crazy imagination with Rana.... Being a die-hard Prabhas Rana and Anushka fan as well as Pranushka fan I decided to write this story. But as you all can see there are a lot of stories on Pranushka and Prabhas available so I tried a little different concept. Btw I wanna thanks all my dear pranushka friends who encouraged and supported me to put up my imagination here... So enjoy reading the story and if you like it do vote and comment below and don't hesitate to give me your valuable suggestions and feedbacks.. P.S This is a fanfiction and its merely my crazy imagination....


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Hidden Lo...
by SweetieSunshine_04