Words, Notes, and L...
By paris_artgirl
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Lance is at the Garrison, proud to be there too. The best college, and him and his two good friends all got in together. Besides the huge amounts of work they do, college at the Garrison was pretty uneventful. That was until a note appeared on Lance's arm in smudged red pen stating a reminder to get bagels. Lance didn't want any bagels, so he knew exactly how it got there too. His soulmate was writing some lame stupid reminder to get a bagel. The world has known about soul mates since the dawn of time, and Lance always was too freaked to talk to his. Finally he built up the courage, grabbed a pen and started writing. (Ok, so this is a Modern Soulmate AU and I love the idea I just had to write about it. I'm not usually a fan of Modern AUs, but I had to ok??!! I'm giving a warning that swearing will be involved)

Chapter 1: I Want To Know You

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Words, No...
by paris_artgirl