Gentle Cowboy Take...
By hoofprintson02
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Gary Maxwell has recently graduated from college with a degree in ranch management. Now that he has the degree he has no desire to use it. At all. On the journey to find something new and exciting he never thought a girl could or would catch his eye. But the good Lord just might have a different idea! Brooke Kendall is stuck in a runt since graduating high school three years ago. She has been working at a hair salon and really enjoys it, but it is discouraging to watch your friends get married and have babies all while you have never had a serious relationship! Sometimes your prayers are answered where you never thought they would be. Come along with Gary and Brooke as they learn just that! (Sequel To Can Cowboy's Fix Mistakes?) Although you do not have to read it first this gives some spoilers for it so I would encourage you to check that one out first!

A snap into the future

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Gentle Co...
by hoofprintson02