Meeting A Bad Boy
By IBeWhoIBe
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Erik Henderson has a 4 year old daughter that he has to raise. On his own. Being a single dad, and being gay was not the easiest thing in the world. Paige's mother, Tillie, had been Erik's best friend, and when she died giving birth- He almost lost it. But he pulled himself together and now he had a beautiful little girl, that was his entire life. He wanted to fall in love, but dating was rough. Enter...Trent Hyatt. A somewhat mysterious guy with a bad boy image who wore leather jackets and rode a motorcycle. He couldn't be right for Erik. But could Erik resist the feelings the Trent evoked? And would something else get in the way before they could figure out they had feelings for each other? *I originally wrote this story in 2012. Upon Review I realized it could be much better. I worked to edit it, and made revisions to the end. Title was formally "Meeting the Bad Boy". Please enjoy this newer version.

Chapter 1- Losing Tillie Grayson.

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Meeting A...
by IBeWhoIBe