Fight Me - On Hold
By galaxxxxy
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Legends say he was a King of his own making, a monster who corrupted the world with hate, death and constant greed for more. He was a man, who did not falter to conquer anything that he had set his eyes on and eliminate everything that dared to stand his way. First, there was Europe, then came the rest of the world. And just when he though he had it all, a ginger haired beauty has shaken him to the core and refused to leave his thoughts. He swore, he'll win the fight against love. But fate loves to twist tales... Annabelle has set her mind for revenge, and Alexander will have to learn, that some things are just out of his grasp if he fails to play it right and kidnapping was not the best of plans... It is a dangerous game of life, one wrong move and there is no turning back. *** The book is ON HOLD, I will get back to it in the future and finish it. However, I need to go back and edit the published parts and the storyline before I get to do that :)) This book is a work in progress - the very FIRST DRAFT- in need of serious editing.

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Fight Me...
by galaxxxxy