Shadow of the Beast...
By AMLKoski
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~~~ Twisted Dark, Book II ~~~ Violet has never belonged to herself. She has been under the thumb of a cruel Elder Witch named Irma since before she could remember. Spending her life as an experiment in Coven Thirteen or as a shopkeep in a dusty shop in the Emporium. Stuck looking at the world and never being allowed to experience it. Her magick bound tightly within her and a chain around her ankle, she is trapped. That all changes when a massive werewolf named, Jax, nearly destroys the shop and kidnaps her in his search of Irma. Believing that Violet can lead him to the witch who had taken his brother. Yanked away from everything she knows, she is suddenly in the world she had never been able to touch with nothing but a dangerous werewolf to rely on. Jax wants nothing but his brother but he soon sets his eyes on Violet, interest making them gleam. Stuck between trusting him, her desire, and the world that threatens to destroy them both if she falls to the northern werewolf's charm, Violet doesn't know what to do but she does know she wants freedom above everything else. However, without magick and no way to help Jax find Irma, she knows that the chain will forever remain around her ankle and she will continually be at the whims of those who hold the end of it. Be it a cruel witch or a rugged werewolf. Clink Clack Take your freedom back

Warning of Coven Thirteen

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Shadow of...
by AMLKoski