One Million Masks:...
By therealkayelle
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  • yaoi


The story of your sexual capitulation told by the bloodthirsty supervillain who discovered your secret identity, ruined every chance of you maintaining a normal functioning relationship, and is kinda sorta (without a doubt, definitely) obsessed with you. Your name is Hector Jean-Baptiste. By day you're an upstanding college student: rugby star, stellar Haitian son, Asperger's activist. By night you're Makeshift, an electrokinetic powerhouse hailed as the greatest superhero of our generation. Keeping your beloved alter ego a secret shouldn't be an issue, but recently your sadistic archnemesis, Vortex, can't seem to grasp the importance of personal space... || Told in mixed first and second person. || Based on the challenge by writing.prompts: "You're the villain that fell in love with a hero. Though the strongest villain on the planet, you constantly lose to your hero because you love the rivalry and don't want it to end. As you are being arrested the hero is attacked by another villain, one too strong for them to beat."

One Million Masks, 2026

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One Milli...
by therealkayelle