Three Weeks [COMPLE...
By joymoment
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"I'm soooo in love with this story!" - Seagull88 "Do the rumors intimidate you?" Edison asked. Kit chuckled. "There is something you should know about me, Edison Reigns," she said, climbing back onto her moped and giving him a steady look. "I'm not easily intimidated. I'm also not interested in your kind of fun. My kind of fun is pushing limits and hoping I'm around long enough to see the consequences. If you want someone to kiss, call Amanda Gleason. If you want adventures you'll never forget, come find me." Lighthouse Point was a sleepy southern town where life followed tradition and nothing broke the norm until Kit St James arrived. Sassy, flirty and mischievous, Kit is looking for adventure and someone to come along for the ride. When she teams up with Edison Reigns, someone who has his own reputation, life in Lighthouse Point will be anything but normal. Kit is determined to have a summer she'll never forget. Edison is determined to find out more about the girl behind all the rumors. A girl who lives in a house with no furniture. "IM ALREADY IN LOVE WITH THIS WHOLE BOOK" - TheBookLover1209 "wow that is one incredible book xxx"- maddiemaymoo "I'm loving this already, for goodness sake, you are just feeding my addiction!" - Bubblegum024 "Omg!! I siriusly love this book!!❤❤❤ - Gabbar2108 "Kit is so savage! ? Gosh, I love her! She's great!" - Flutterby_Drive "Oml I'm already in love with this story" - KJ_Dorvi "I thought Carter was bad but Kit is on another level!" - kxy_xoxo

Now that's a cast!

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Three Wee...
by joymoment