Tethered Master Tre...
By YuukaSumiko
  • Romance
  • bdsm
  • bondage
  • bxb
  • control
  • dom
  • dominant
  • fluffandsmut
  • fluffiness
  • gay-sex
  • gaylove
  • japanesebondage
  • kinbaku
  • lovesquare
  • lovestory
  • master
  • mxm
  • psychological
  • shibari
  • sub
  • submissive


Master Trent is a certified Dom at the Blue Hedonism BDSM Club, but from his track record, you'd doubt his ability to refrain his pushy-handsy ways around Subs. With a bad reputation and a humiliating event this fateful night, Trent believes he's lost any chance of ever finding a Sub, especially at the Blue Hedonism. And he's right. No Sub would accept him. But what about another Master? So begins Trent's impromptu journey of challenging his limits and tastes. And since trouble always comes in threes, another development throws off Trent's defenses: Erik Devries becomes the CFO of the company where Trent works. And just who is this Erik Devries person, you might ask. Well, read and be thrilled. ***This story will be coming soon!*** ***This story will contain MATURE CONTENT*** ***This is a Spin-Off of the Blue Phoenix Series (more details inside)***

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by YuukaSumiko