A Worthy Villainess
By FairoNeko
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A simple story ≠ A simple life. My name is Mercury Caduceus. If you recognise this name, then you would know that I am the Villainess. ...It's not like they need my role to keep the story going though. I was even ready for that... The Heroine is Venus Myrtle. For a reason only she knows, she is wary of me on 1st sight! Then there is a stranger turned friend turned good friend by the name of Mars Deimos. ...Isn't it weird that I am closer to Venus and farther to Mars considering the introductions...? As for the Love Interests, they are: 1. Galaxy Pollux 2. Asterism Hamal 3. Space Antares 4. Cosmos Altarf Additionally, there are: Horo and Scopus Rasalhague. The plot of the otome game only revolves around High School life. Once we graduated, what comes after that? ...A choice for me to make, with twists and turns... Cover: THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls / Cygames and Bandai Namco Entertainment [This is an Original Story, not a Fanfiction or Translation]

1. Divergence

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A Worthy...
by FairoNeko