Devils in the Detai...
By RainforestGirl
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A HANLOCK FANFICTION Will Graham's trip to London was supposed to be a break from solving murders. But when Sherlock Holmes enlists his help, he can't help but give in. With the help of John Watson, he must attempt to figure out the gruesome crimes that have been committed. Yet the nightmares that plagued Will are far from gone as he finds himself developing new weaknesses with the people he meets. Charles Augustus Magnussen has a grip on just about everyone - including his own younger brother, Hannibal Lecter. Between them is a family feud that runs deep. When they meet up once again to discuss all sorts of matters, it's clear that Dr. Lecter has more pressure points than he cares to let on. Together they are some of the most vile men on the planet, but that doesn't mean they can get along. There are always things that are overlooked when it comes to situations like this. After all, the devils are in the details.

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Devils in...
by RainforestGirl