We live, We love, W...
By salorahsam
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Dark, dangerous, yet so beautiful. King of the mafia and a highly successful businessman.......but wait, here's the catch.......Yakov Marciez is not who he appears to be.......he is the lord of vampires. Angela Taunters is not the typical graceful, fearful, angelic, soft spoken girls that the male lead usually falls in love with, she's actually quite the opposite. Her rants get even worse when she is kidnapped by Yakov himself! "Hey listen here you Yakov or whatever your name is. I'm not like other girls who put their hands back while listening to everything you say without fighting back. I won't bend my head and say, 'Yes boss'." I motioned my hand over my body and continued, "I'm Angela Taunters and you can't lay a finger on me!" He was biting his lip and trying not to laugh. Then, he suddenly burst out laughing. The NEANDERTHAL!!! Yakov pinned my hands to my sides in a very swift motion and smirked, "I just did sweetheart."


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We live...
by salorahsam