By SumNawaz
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It's a clash that goes back generations that triggered the animosity between the Sinclair's and Hartford's. Harper Sinclair's best friend refers to it as a modern day Romeo and Juliet, "except, like, without all the bloody deaths every other day." And, except that there is no Romeo on the Hartford's side that Harper is star-crossed lovers with. Just a boy whom she can't stand, though that hostility doesn't have much to do with the families' spat. Sebastian Hartford was Harper's competitor. Throughout their school years, the two would compete in near everything; debates, getting the better grades, student council-anything and everything was a competition for the two. The fact that their families didn't get along played only a small part in their dislike of each other. Because unlike the rest of their relatives, both Sebastian and Harper thought of this on-going rivalry between families as an old feud that's been stretched on for far too long over an event that happened when none of them were even alive to witness. But Harper and Sebastian went along with it, not wanting any of their family's hostility to be directed towards them. However, when both Sinclair's and Hartford's end up in the same city-in the same building-for summer vacation, things are bound to get tense. And Harper and Sebastian are both thrown in for a surprise when they learn that their respective best friends are in a relationship, and begin dragging the unwitting Sinclair and Hartford along to spend time together as a group-all the while keeping it a secret from their families. They are going to have to break through the bubble of annoyance that surrounds them when they are around each other, but maybe while doing so, Harper and Sebastian might just be the first of their families to quell the decades-long hatred that runs through their veins. all rights reserved © 2017


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by SumNawaz