Blood - Life &...
By cllawrence16
  • Fantasy
  • action
  • dark
  • death
  • demons
  • featured
  • goddess
  • gods
  • life
  • magic
  • mythology
  • paranormal
  • prophecy
  • rebirth
  • romance
  • soul
  • urbanfantasy
  • vampire
  • warlocks
  • warriors
  • werewolves


Zivena Kova─Ź has trained her entire life to become a Guardian. A Guardian of Life like her parents and three older brothers. But her family is falling apart. One brother is dead. Another is a traitor. And Zivena has been thrown into a Council that's ready to tear her apart at the smallest sign of weakness. Mictain Demir is now living with the mistakes he made that led to Ulfric's death and the relief of finding out what truly happened to his parents. But Life and Death are out of balance and there's an uncontrollable power slumbering within Mictain and Zivena's very souls. Zivena and Mictain will need to come together to overcome deceit and manipulation from the gods on the Council who see everything they do. But there are children being hunted and killed all across America. Will Life and Death be able to find the monster? Or will they need the help of an insane Vampire Queen? This is Book 2 in the Life & Death Series. Make sure you read Book 1 first!

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Blood - L...
by cllawrence16