The Mortal Instrume...
By initialfindings
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Clary is pronounced dead by the Clave, leaving Jace heartbroken and never the same. But when Jace saves a mundane that isn't a mundane at all and bares great resemblance to his dead Clary (not to mention the same name), questions and the past ghosts are raised, once again making him question the Clave. But convinced she is HIS Clary, the one rumoured dead by the Clave, Jace tries his very best to save her and bring her back to the Shadow World. To him. Things are complicated when they find something that can threaten the whole of the world-something far worse than Sebastian Morgenstern. Many are after it and the Clave are thrown into a havoc-especially since it involves Clary and Jace himself. Jace will stop at nothing to keep Clary safe his actions may cost him his Nephilim blood, his family and his ultimate love, Clary. _____________ © 2014 by @EndarkenedWarrior


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The Morta...
by initialfindings