The 4 Horsemen of H...
By PitaNemuritoare
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Strife, Fury, War...Death...4 individuals that were once feared by most who dipped their toes into the it God, or be it Satan. That's how dangerous these 4 were. But their time has passed. Despite being strong, they were not immortal...and their disappearance left the Angels, Devils and the new faction, Fallen Angels to sort their problems out...with a war. Today, when there was peace between the factions, a very unstable one, nobody would have thought that the 4 riders would rise again, in the city of Kuoh. But as the 4 legends stated with their last breath: "The numbers of the riders shall ever be...4." Disclaimer: I don't own Highschool DxD or Darksiders, nor do I own the videos or photos that might be used.

2 Million

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The 4 Hor...
by PitaNemuritoare