Possessive Rich Boy...
By comicsthinker
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[WARNING - EXPLICIT CONTENT] I tried getting out of his hold, but he had more strength in his finger than I had in my body. He flipped me over until my back was touching his broad muscled front. "Leave me, Ares," I pleaded. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me down as he squeezed me tight against him. His nose buried in my neck, inhaling my scent. It turned me on and I cursed my traitorous body for reacting this way. "You still wear that same perfume, the day I first met you." He ran his tongue on my neck. "Babe, since the first time I landed in this country, I knew I had to end you." And just like that I believed him. His eyes stormed liked twin hurricane about make landfall. He seemed like a perfect gentleman until his sinister lips made me ache with pleasure. I thought I would never meet him again, but fate had different plans for me. * SUITABLE FOR 18 + OR TEENAGERS WITH OPEN MINDS *

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